The Bengal Fuzzy stage

Bengal kittens are born with a beautiful coat that shows their rosetted markings exceptionally well. Around 6-8 weeks they grow guard hairs with white tips on the ends that obscure their markings. 

These hairs fall out between between 3-5 months leaving them looking stunning once again. 

The picture above is before her fuzzy stage advanced.

The next pictures you can see how faded her markings appeared at 14 weeks and how much clearer they look at 5 months old.


Thanks to the Bengals Asian Leopard Cat (ALC) ancestors they only have short single layer silky coats that typically require minimal maintanence by cat and owner alike. Less saliva means less allergens which usually means less reaction in the majority of people with cat allergies. Normal domestic cats have two to three layers of fur which are courser and due to this hold onto allergens. 

My son has a test confirmed moderate allergy to cats (tested because we got a regular domestic cat in 2014 that we ended up rehoming). He cannot hold a regular cat for more than a minute before his symptoms become intolerable(very red itchy eyes, pouring sinuses, itching, & headache). If he lives in a house with one he develops a persistent cough. He has been living with our Bengals since the beginning of 2017 with no cough and is even able to handle our Bengal cats and kittens without symptoms. 

There is no guarantee that all people with a cat allergy will be nonreactive, but we are happy to schedule a visit if you want to see how you react. 


Bengals are a ton of fun to live with! They are adventurous, silly, playful, smart, loyal, and very loving when raised the right way. Many like playing in water, playing fetch (see videos in past kittens), walking on a leash, and all of ours will sit at your feet to beg for food when you eat.  They can be clicker trained like dogs to do the majority of  dog tricks. Bengals are said to be the most intelligent breed of cat for these reasons and I completely agree. 

Most Bengals get along with other pets, especially when introduced as kittens. One of our past kittens is leash trained to go out potty with the dogs and another plays tug of war with her rat terrier companion. 

They are great with children when they are raised with them and enjoy the attention young children provide. They even do well with toddlers but they should have an escape for when they are done “playing”. (I personally have twin toddlers that love packing ours around). If you won’t be home during the day to entertain your Bengal; you may want to consider buying two of them, providing a lot of vertical climbing space, or buying an exercise wheel so they can burn off their excess energy. Bengals do enjoy the company of other animals more than any breed of cat or dog we've ever seen which is why we offer a discount to buy a second kitten.

20% discount for additional kitten(s)

Silver Bengal sisters sleeping together after lots of play time. Bengal playmates are the best

20% discount for additional kitten(s)

Bengals do the best when they have a furry playmate and it is very entertaining watching two Bengals play! It is also a great way for them to burn off energy.

10% discount for previous customers looking to find a playmate

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