The names we have given are not on their TICA paperwork, we leave that up to their new families.

All of our kittens are seen by our Veterinarian at 8 weeks, have received their first 2 vaccinations, treated with dewormer, and are microchipped before leaving at 12 weeks. We use revolution to prevent fleas and earmites and kittens also receive a dose prior to leaving our cattery. 

Kittens are given a 12 month health guarantee.

Kittens sold as pets will be spayed and neutered prior to leaving.

Delivery can be arranged anywhere in the state of Oregon and parts of Washington/California/Idaho for a delivery fee $50 plus $1 per mile for kittens paid in full.  We will deliver kittens or meet people within 45 miles for no charge.

Please inquire by phone or email if you would like more information.

Kittens from Rogue & George


Rogue Enchantress of Lava Peaks


Donchanin Gerald aka George

Kittens from Athena and George


Athena of Lava Peaks


Donchanin Gerald -aka George

Kittens from Tetris and George


Tetris of Lava Peaks 


Donchanin Gerald

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