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We are an in home TICA Registered cattery in Bend, Or and we absolutely love Bengals!!! Our Bengals are our pets first and live inside our home with us, our children, & poodles. 

Bengals won our hearts because they are such gorgous incredible cats; they almost deserve to be a species of their own with their superior intelligence and ability to learn tricks like dogs. If you ever do decide you want to own a Bengal it’s likely a decision you will never regret. 

All of our current and future queens and sires have been tested for genetic conditions PK def & PRA-b that cause anemia (that can be fatal) and blindness.

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About Our Kittens

All of our kittens are seen by our veterinarian at 8 weeks, receive their first 2 vaccinations, and are microchipped prior to leaving our home. They are ready to go with their new families at 12 weeks. Kittens sold as pets will be spayed/neutered before joining their new families.

Each kitten leaves with a bag of essentials that includes; food sample, litter sample, blanket, toy(s), 12 month genetic health guarantee.

All kittens are 100% litter box trained prior to leaving. 

*There is a 20% discount on a second kitten when two are purchased at the same time.

*There is a 10% discount for previous clients.

Prices listed are for pet/show alter TICA registration. 

Kittens will have their prices listed by 8 weeks of age. Pricing may go up or down depending on pattern development, personality, or age. 

The price will not change once a deposit has been placed.

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